Why the blog?

Have you ever encountered a problem and tried to search online for a solution and found nothing? I’m sure you did. As a beginner developer that happened to me. The communities out there are full of resources but sometimes we find ourselves in unique situations and we need to come up with a solution.

In my 3 years of working as a web developer, more specifically as a Magento developer, I encountered many of that situations. I’m working for a leading e-commerce company that sells glasses in Europe and I’ve been involved in all of the development stages required in a Magento shop. I gained a lot of experience and I want to share that with you. I still have a lot to learn but we can do it together.

If you are a junior or medior Magento developer, this blog is for you. I will post helpful tips, solutions to the problems that I encounter, mini-tutorials or modules that will help you to grow your skills.

If you want to improve your professional and personal life come in a journey with me. I will post also reviews of the books that I am reading, personal challenges and experiences that are helping me to become better in everything I do. Feel free to follow me on social media also.

Let the journey begin.

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