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Toptal – Review After 2 Years

In February 2017 I got into Toptal. After a few months I got in I wrote an article, a Toptal review about the interview process and my first impressions. This is a followup


Paul Mestereaga

June 19, 2019

In February 2017 I got into Toptal. After a few months I got in I wrote an article, a Toptal review about the interview process and my first impressions. This is a followup.

I’m writing this article to share my experience after being in the Toptal network for more than two years. At the time I wrote my first article I was still employed and having a full-time job, doing Toptal work as a side hustle but now it’s been one year since I quit that job and went full-time freelance working with Toptal clients.

Amazing Clients

My experience so far it’s been amazing. I was able to work with great companies to which I would not have access if it wasn’t for Toptal, a great example of that is Spanx.

Always had Work

Toptal is making sure there is work all the time, which is normal, it’s a win-win situation – I make money, they make money. Most of the time were multiple jobs available, so I could afford myself to be picky and many times I had to reject clients because I was too busy.


Toptal it’s a network of top talents (hence the name) and excellence embedded in it’s culture. I can see that in everything they do. The communication with Recruiters it’s amazing and the response time it’s so short. The Recruiters are the people looking out for jobs for me. They also manage the relationship between me and the clients. They can intervene if there are any issues and they solve everything in a professional way.


Toptal is a community and they make sure you are part of that. Usually as a freelancer working from home, a coffeeshop or a co-working space you might feel alone but here the community it’s quite strong. Local events are organized regularly where toptalers can meet and know each other.

Professional Development

Also within Toptal there are opportunities to grow professionally by following different courses which are being organized regularly. Some of the courses I took part were about Blockchain or how to become a speaker. Also I was able to publish an article on their blog about Magento optimization.


Toptal exceeded my expectations and I recommend it. It’s a great company and a great network where it’s members are valued. I hope this Toptal review would inspire you if you are researching about the company and wanting to join.

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You can check the website or you can find my Toptal profile here

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