You might be wondering what’s this Expert Secrets book about? Should I read it? is this book only for leaders, experts or business owners? who is this book for? what’s all this buzz on the internet about it? Who actually is Russell Brunson?

Don’t worry, those were my questions also. My curiosity pushed to read it and I’ll try to answer all of these questions below.

Who is the author?

Russel Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels, a company that he founded in 2014 and its web app can be used to quickly create high-converting marketing & sales funnels. Forbes is calling him “This Entrepreneur Built A $360 Million Dollar SaaS Business, And It Was Entirely Self-Funded”

Who is this book for?

You want to learn how to become more influential and build a following? Then this book is for you. You can learn how to create a loyal follower base from scratch and share your expertise to increase your business.

If you’re an online marketer this book will teach you how to build a culture, create your products, tell your stories and build your funnels.

Are you a user of ClickFunnels? Most probably you already read it by now.

I’m not a user of ClickFunnels. I opened an account just to check out the app, kept it for the free trial and then closed it. Even though ClickFunnels is not for me I learned a lot from this book.

What’s this book about?

This book shows what truly people are thinking when they look to someone for their expertise and advice. Knowing, understanding and aplying that you will be able to become yourself the leader that you need to be in a meaningful way.

Personally I would divide this book in two parts.

The first part of the book teaches how to create a mass movement and does that by studying other mass movements in history. They all had a charismatic leader, a future-based cause, and presented a new opportunity. The author goes in depth and explains each part in a separate chapter. He continues to teach on how to create belief by telling stories the right way. It finishes this part telling about your moral obligation to try and serve your audience/cusomers in every way possible.

The second part of the book shows how you can implement all that was taught using ClickFunnels web app.

For me the first part was most interesting and most helpful.

My favourite quote

“But as most experts soon find no matter how much personal development you achieve, there will be a point where you can no longer progress. The only way to continue to grow is by helping others become like you. Yes, true growth and fulfillment comes from your contribution to others “

Should you read it?

If all of this got your attention then you should read it. For me Expert Secrets was definetly a good choice. If you already read it let me know your favourite quote in the comments section below.

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Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Finding Your Message, Building a Tribe, and Changing the World

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