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Book review: People over profit

It’s not long ago since I read a Facebook post by Dale Partridge. It was the first time I heard about him, but since then I follow him constantly. His blog is a huge resource of inspiration. Being intrigued by […]

Ogone Alias pending and DirectLink error

I was trying to configure Ogone Alias Manager in a Magento shop and got the error message bellow. Also the status of the alias in Magento was pending even though the payment was passing. Here is what […]

reindex error

Reindex error: Row size too large

It happened to me that I wanted to reindex the product flat data and I got a PDOException, you can see the whole reindex error message bellow. I tried to find a solution and here are my findings. If you […]

Book review: Essentialism

This was a really challenging book and a very good one to read especially now when I start this blog. Here are the three main things that stuck out to me and I want […]