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Remote debugging Magento with Xdebug and PHPStorm

A while ago someone recommended me using Xdebug with my PHPStorm IDE to debug Magento applications. It’s incredible how timesaving it is, that is why I decided to share with you how to install and configure Xdebug to remotely debug […]

Magento Optimisation

How to optimise Magento

The speed of your Magento shop is very important. A slow and bulky website always takes your customers away. In this post will present a module that will help you start your Magento optimisation. I used this module very recently in a project and I will show you my optimisation results.

Instagram Pro Magento Extension

Instagram Pro Extension

Happy customers will almost always post on social media pictures of your products giving great reviews. Show your shop visitors what people are sharing on Instagram about the products you sell.