1. The Problem

I was trying to configure Ogone Alias Manager in a Magento shop and I got the error message bellow. Also the status of the alias in Magento was pending even though the payment was passing.

Response: a:9:{s:7:"orderID";s:6:"509497";s:5:"PAYID";s:1:"0";s:7:"NCERROR";s:8:"50001111";s:10:"ACCEPTANCE";s:0:"";s:6:"STATUS";s:1:"0";}

So you can see the NCERROR code 50001111. According to Ogone, this is “Data validation error”. In my case the alias was saved in the database and Ogone account, but at checkout the alias was not received from Ogone and I got that error response.

2. The Cause

Even though you can find some possible solutions to this error here and here, none of that worked for me!

My problem was on the checkout page but after a lot of debugging I found the problem. To encode the alias data, the Ogone module is using the SHA1 encoded address string. The address hash used to generate it was different than the one used to get it form database and activate it. Because I was using the OneStepCheckout extension, the address was not taken entirely.

3. The Solution

Deactivating the OneStepCheckout extension everything worked perfectly. I got in contact with the Ogone support, which by the way is great, I was confirmed that Netresearch_OPS extension id not compatible with Idev_OneStepCheckout. Using the Ogone Alias Manager with this extension is impossible or too much work to make it compatible. If you find yourself in the same situation don’t hustle anymore, change either one of the extension.

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