To start my first post about Magento, let’s start with the installation of the platform.
To install Magento it is really easy. Follow the steps bellow and let me know how it worked for you in the comments section below.

I imply you already have a domain and hosting account, if no you have to take care of that first.

1. Download the latest Magento package

Go to the official Magento website and download the latest package, or a previous version you want. You can find the link here:

2. Upload the package to your server

Use your favourite FTP client and upload the files to your server. Tip: upload the archived package and unzip it on the server, it will take much less time than to upload the unzipped files.

3. Create a database

If you don’t have MySQL database yet, create one and assign a user to it. Remember the credentials you will need them later in the installation process.

4. Run the install

Now you can safely access your website’s URL in the browser and the installation wizard is displayed. Follow the steps which are quite straight forward and voilà you had installed Magento.

You can also install the latest Magento version using the command line and you can find here a complete tutorial.

Good luck and I hope everything works well for you.

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